Quick Update (you can look at this one)

I made the slightly unwise decision to start this blog right before we began a house-hunting adventure, which I thought would last a weekend and turned out to last for weeks, and across multiple minor illnesses. So I had planned a string of posts between the last one and this one, and now I have a very nice editorial calendar for May 2017….

This will be just a quick update, because I imagine some people have been wondering – how is the NOT KNOWING going?

L had an appointment this morning. It was his second since I last posted, because at the first one he had just come off of a very minor illness and had lost 2lb and had crummy labs (because no illness is really a minor illness when you don’t have much bowel). GI wanted him back in two weeks instead of a month, because he had slipped far enough fast enough that she didn’t want to let him keep going unchecked for longer than 2 weeks, if he couldn’t right the ship.

Today, he had gained 4oz since our appointment two weeks ago (good thing I bribed him to eat that banana on the way in!), which isn’t much, but it’s enough to say he’s not continuing to slip at an alarming rate, especially given that he’s had two massive pukes in the interim – likely due to bacterial overgrowth in his gut, which is common among short gut kids. GI recommended we keep working on getting him to eat a better diet, because apparently subsisting on cheez-its, pretzels and sliced bread is not an ideal balance (who knew?). His labs were mostly unremarkable, and we’ll wait until next time to check vitamin levels again because two weeks is too soon. If they keep heading downward, we may be back to IV vitamins. If not, we may talk about moving forward. For now, we are currently at sum total neutral, which used to drive me crazy but now just bumps up against those nerve endings that have gone numb and floats on.

And so we wait.

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