When the time came for L’s second and third big surgeries, Z and I were still in a mental and emotional zone that we needed to shut people out of, for the most part. We requested that our families not come to the hospital; we told people we would update them when we were ready.

While I stand by our decision to do that – it was what we needed at the time – I also understand how difficult that may have been for some of the people who care about L the most. Since then, I have gradually learned to open up, begun to feel the tiniest bit in control of our situation, and learned how freeing it can be to speak openly and honestly about what we’re going through. And, I have learned the value of hearing about the experiences of others in similar situations, and I want to offer that to others out there who may be afraid of what’s ahead for them.

In light of all that, I’m planning to share our experience with this surgery via simple Twitter updates. I’ll try to update on the blog as well, but I don’t know how soon or how often I’ll be able to offer anything longer than 140 characters.

I reserve the right to bail on that plan at any time. If things are rough, my best intentions may go down the metaphorical crapper. I may be literally elbow deep in poo, and sorry guys, but the sanctity of my iPhone screen takes priority over live tweeting (#Germs #ForeverUnclean). But I will do my best, because as much as it was important to me to protect ourselves by shutting out the outside world three years ago, it’s important to me now to begin to let you all in.

If you’re ready to follow along on this journey, follow @ThisGutsyLife on Twitter and join in the conversation with messages, questions or #GutsySurgery stories of your own.

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