In May 2013 L was born, and our journey began. He had gastroschisis, and we spent 131 days in the NICU through 3 major surgeries to reconstruct lost small intestine before going home with a poorly-functioning 20% of the small bowel he should have, along with TPN, g-tube, home health and a slew of other things I never imagined would be part of my world.

You can read an introduction to our story here and here.

This is a blog about the path we’re traveling. It’s a story of inspiration, and of weakness. It’s a story of hope, and of honesty. This is a blog about what it really means to be a gutsy family.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love these Amy. The courage you show is amazing besides the obvious love you have for L. Whatever it means to you… your family has my prayers not to mention my attention each time a blog is posted.

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  2. This blog has hit home in a big way. Your posts are as if you’ve walked in our shoes. So often as a mom you are expected to make the best of everything and do it with grace and humility and in all reality sometimes it just calls for curse words that are barely expressed due to exhaustion. Thank you for being the voice I don’t have, and for making me feel like although shit will happen (literally and figuratively), were allowed to breakdown and pick it back up and run with it to the best of our ability. Best wishes for all of you 😊

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