Oley Foundation

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation

Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation

Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation for Children of New England

Short Gut Syndrome Families Support Group

Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation Families Group

Ronald McDonald House

Caring Bridge (free site for keeping friends and family updated)

MedGift (free site for fundraising, calendaring, wish lists and updates)

Gus Gear (custom covers for central lines, feeding tubes, ostomy pouches, and more)

Information about supporting children on enteral or parenteral nutrition in a school setting:

Additional resources can be found on the No Guts All Glory Resource Page and the Avery’s Angels Resource Page


Blogs about SBS

It Takes Guts (YouTube channel with video tips)

No Guts All Glory

Guts and Gumption


Prescriptions, Vitamins and Supplements

The Oley Foundation has an Equipment/Supply Exchange and also offers a information about getting assistance, and about discounts and coverage.

DripDrop offers a 30% discount if you buy from their website by the case. Contact their customer service and ask about case discounts for long-term use of DripDrop to treat chronic medical conditions.

If you or your child take CREON (pancrelipase) and have private insurance, you can get assistance with copays and also free vitamins via CREON OnCourse


Tubie/Surgery Toys

Tubie Friends

Healing Helpers


Dealing with Trauma

This is important: Everything Doesn’t Happen for a Reason